Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good Bye

Well most of you know that Mommy and I left Dog World Resort just under a year ago because of her health.  We left in good hands, though.  Mommy's brother runs it and Uncle Frank is still there.

I miss going to work every day, as does Mommy.  We miss seeing the smiles and all my friends on a daily basis.  We try to get over there and see our friends when they are there, but it's not the same.  I hope you know that I miss you all so much and think of you every day.

We're doing well.  Mommy is working on finding things to do that she physically can, and I stay with her, keep her spirits up and sleep a lot.  We spend a lot of time on Facebook :)

Please know that Dog World is still open and ready to help you in any way you need.  We are going to close this blog today and the new owners of Dog World will start their own.  I told Mommy that every dog has their day and now it's time for another doggy to take over in my place.

We enjoyed the journey with you all and hope to see you at Dog World.  Until next time,

Stay Straight!

Sheriff Sage

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Puppies and more puppies!

Hello all!  Sheriff Sage here with the latest doings at Dog World Resort.

We've had several new puppies join us - Ty Bone, a cute little German Shepherd puppy, Raven, a standard poodle puppy, Ms. Lucy, who is an American Bulldog and just the sweetest little thing and several more.  And don't let me forget Koa, an English Mastiff puppy who looks just like a miniature Drake!  He's staying with us right now and he's a lot of fun.

We're also enjoying the company of Mommy's other baby, boxer Tanner and his little sister, Grace.  She's a little Shit Zu and I really like her.  We sleep together and play together.

 Lab siblings Duke and Sadie are visiting with us and Mommy just told me that Barbie is coming back for a visit as is my bff, Stormy.  So are Rhett and Scarlett and Pilgrim and Abby. Can't wait.

In the meantime, the staff has worn me out again with their changes.  But the good news is is that we now have a puppy/small dog room for them to play without worrying about the bigger dogs.  It's filled with little beds and toys and Mommy has plans to paint it a bright color and put puppy murals everywhere.  They just can't leave things alone!

Kelly, our newest staff member is working out very well.  Not only has she learned our system and is getting to know our doggies, but she's also learned when I want to be picked up and where I love to be scratched the best.  I think she may work out. 

On a personal note, I want to congratulate Wizzie on finding his forever home.  Wizzie, I know you'll be as spoiled as I am.  And Ciara, before you know it, you'll have your forever home as well.

Anyways, it's Saturday and I have to get Mommy moving on laundry and other stuff, so I'll end this quick note.

Stay straight, everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes...

Sage, walking in on Tuesday morning after a long weekend... "Stormy!  Is that you???  Where have you been?  I've missed you!  Let's run around a while and catch up"

Stormy: "I've missed you too, my bff!  But I'm a big girl now and Mommy let's me stay at home by myself because she trusts me not to destroy anything or disturb the neighbors.

It's been a little weird, but I've kind of gotten used to it.  Besides, Mommy takes me on lots of outings.  Like this past weekend, I came in second place at the Weenie Races at the Ice Bears Hockey Game!  Can you believe that?"

Sage: "I know.  My mommy showed me your picture and was telling me all about it.  Next year, you'll take first place - I just know it".

Stormy: "Thanks, I think I will too.  You know how fast I am.  Those other weenies don't stand a chance.  But enough about me, dahling, tell me about you and what's been going on here".

Sage:  "Sweetie, you wouldn't believe me if I told about all the shenanigans around here.  I tell you, everytime I turn around, something is changing.  First, we added more suites.  Then we added a fence outside the front door to make escape even harder.  Then, we painted.  And that brother and sister of mine - Ciara and Wizzie, well, let me tell you, I don't get a wink of sleep when they're around."

"My brother Oscar, who looks just like you, except a little bigger, now comes here on Wednesdays.  So then, I have to share my car seat with him.  Can you believe that!"

"Aunt Shay has taken a break until late spring and I'm trying to train Aunt Kelly.  She brought with her Ellie and Beanie, who are very shy, but they're nice.  I like them.  Uncle Frank was promoted to Operations Manager and he does a great job running this place when I can't."

"We've also hired a full-time groomer again, so we're able to make our poochies look great before going home.  And I finally got a great pawdicure.  Don't you just love my Vol Orange nail polish?  It was about time, I tell you.  My poor nails were looking rough and I was embarassed".

"We have several newcomers that are regulars, like Alex, a Great Dane that comes every day.  He's a giant goofball and I like playing with him.  Drake has come back after his illness and I was happy to see him.  We also have a black Great Dane puppy, named Harley, who has grown so fast since he's been here.  He's a blast to watch.  And another puppy that I'm helping to raise is TyBone, a German Shepherd puppy, who's also a big goofball.  He always has this big smile on his face.  This coming Thursday, we welcome Raven, a Standard Black Poodle puppy who has more energy in one paw than I have in my whole body.  Boy, this raising puppies sure wears me out.  Luckily, I have Frank and the rest of the staff to help me".

Stormy:  "How do manage to get all that done?  I sure hope your Mommy pays you well".

Sage: "Well, I sleep a lot when I get home to build my energy back up, but it's hard work, let me tell you.  Keeping all these pooches in line is not easy".

Stormy: "Well, I'll be back later this week and we can catch up some more and I'll help you keep them in their place"

Sage: "Oh, how I've missed you!"

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Manic Weeks

Hello everyone!  Sheriff Sage here.

What a week it's been!  First we had the big ice storm last Friday and Mommy and I couldn't go to work.  Thank goodness for Matt, Michelle and Shay who were there to take care of my friends who were staying at our hotel.   It was quiet, they said, but safe.

Jingle with my sister Sasha
Then, on Sunday, my dear friend Jingle decided to go awandering and left his house and didn't come back.  We're not quite sure how he got out of the Invisible Fencing, but he went to a local playground and decided he wanted to play with the kids there.  A very nice lady noticed that he was well kept and must belong to someone, so she took him home with her.  By Monday, Jingle's family was frantic.  We all started posting him missing all over Facebook.  Within 4 hours, someone in Nashville saw the post, checked Craigs List and found him on there.  Mom and puppy were reunited within an hour.

Jingle is with us right now, none the worse for wear, until his fence is totally checked out.  I gave him a good talking to about wandering off and making his family worry.  That should keep him in check.

My dear buddy, Iomi, a light colored husky, is back from North Carolina.  She's had babies since I saw her last, but she's still the sweet little lady I remember.  And I was also happy to see Nola, my Catahoula friend, back today.  I've missed her.

Drake, our English Mastiff is back on a regular basis.  We're keeping a close eye on his health problems, but he seems to be doing well.  He nipped Shay on the butt, so he's feeeling at home.

Wizard and Ciara
I do have some sad news.  Mommy and Daddy have decided that Ciara and Wizard would be much happier living in a real home with their own mommy and daddy instead of here, at Dog World.  So, we're looking for a loving home for them.  They are about 8 months old, puggles, neutered and spayed and up to date on all their shots.  If you think you are interested, call Marion at 865-738-3493.  I will miss them terribly, but they deserve their own family.

Ginger and Mariann

My brother Quincey's litter sister, Ginger, is coming tomorrow.  Can't wait to see her.  She's a diva, like me.  Her sister, Mariann, is called the SS Minnow, because she leaks a lot, lol.  But she is so sweet and friendly, you can't help but love her.

Well, that's about all for this week.  After 60+ degrees yesterday, they're calling for snow tomorrow, so everyone stay safe and be careful out there.

Until next time, stay straight!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Changes and Snow

Me in my raincoat
Hello everyone, Sheriff Sage here.  I sure hope that everyone survived the floods and snow without too much damage.  Me, I nearly washed away!  Sure was funny though, when Mommy tried to me me go outside to potty - she got soaked every time as well.  That'll teach her - Divas need an umbrella.

Josh eating snow
It's obvious today that all my friends have been going stir crazy at home with all the rain.  The hellions were chasing each other this morning in the snow, Alex, Josh and Cooper were eating the snow, as was Bailey and Max Gass.  I got to make two new friends this morning - Mya and Gracie - a boxer and black lab.  They're both very sweet.  Roland and Wyatt are here as well.  Wyatt is running up a storm and Roland is laid back, as usual.  Sadie Strait is also here - she's such a sweetheart.

Since January is pretty slow for us, we've been taking the time to spruce up the place, with the staff doing the work, and me supervising.  We're painting the play areas and doing a few other minor repairs, so stay tuned for pictures.  Every time I turn around Mommy is changing something!

Abby and Santa
I am very excited though...Pilgrim and Abby are coming to see me next week.  And Roswell will be for over a week as well!  Rex will be with us while his mom is braving the colds of the north and Sadie is coming back to stay with us as are Coco and Kenzie.  I'm so lucky - I not only have all my family, but all my canine friends as well.

While I'm thinking about it, please introduce yourself to our new night shift person, Aaron.  He really loves the dogs and is very patient with them.  Can't wait for him to meet Pilgrim and Abby!

My sister Ciara has a boyfriend, Smokey.  They even kiss!  Ewwwww.  And he puts his paw around her and everything.  I told Mommy that in the spirit of romance, during the week of Valentine's Day, we'd offer a special.  Stay two nights and get a third night free.  This offer is good during the week of Valentine's Day and you must mention the Valentine's Special to us, so drop off your poochies and go out for some romance!

Until next time, stay straight!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, Sheriff Sage with Happy New Year's wishes for all of you and your parents.  

As I lay here contemplating this blog (sleeping), I'm watching all my friends outside expend energy running around.  Why, I don't know.  They call it exercise.  I call it dumb.  I see Roland and Wyatt, Maisey, Smokey, our new friend, Great Dane Alex, Cooper and my siblings, Ciara, Wizard and Sasha.  Also Nash, Blade and others.  Frank is out there, poop scooping.  He does such a great job.  Not just at poop scooping.  At everything.

My new friend Alex.
Well, Christmas is over, the New Year has officially begun, and we are kicking off the New Year with a bang!  In case you haven't heard, Santa visited all our Christmas guests and we have the pictures to prove it.  Just don't tell Santa.

If you haven't seen our new and improved website, you're missing out.  Our photo galleries are up and so are the Santa Pictures.  Take a look... you'll never know who you'll see!  
Dog World Resort Photo Gallery

While we're talking about the New Year, we wanted to point out a couple of promotions.  If you make a reservation for the month of January, you will receive a 10% discount.  But you must mention the January discount to get it!  (I really just want to see who reads my blog).

It's amazing how many we can fit on one bed!
In addition, any boarding reservations made during your birthday month will also receive a discount, but again, you must mention the Birthday discount and we must have your birthday listed in our files!  
Our new outside safety fence.

Lickety Stik!
Lastly, we are offering Lickety Stiks at buy one, get one free for January.

Till next time,stay straight!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello everyone - Sheriff Sage here.

Just thought I'd let you all know that we survived the Thanksgiving holidays thanks to our wonderful staff - Frank, Daniel, Michelle, Shay, Kim, Josh, Matt and our newest friend Dion.

Poor Pilgrim had to spend the holidays at the hospital - he had pancreatitis - boy do I know how that feels!  But Mommy took Abby to go visit him and cheered them both up.

Our new suites were a huge hit.  They filled up quickly and are filling up fast for Christmas as well.  So, if you need to maker reservations, don't wait.  Our pet parents also love the new fence outside the front door.  Mom is paranoid about safety issues and I know the parents like it as well.

I'm enjoying mom's new office.  It has a bed in it for me and any dogs that may need it.  It's a nice, quiet space for them to lay down and be toasty and comfy.

Frank, Michelle and Shay got all the Christmas decorations up.  Mommy even bought a real tree this year and it smells so good.  Of course, it's up on a table, so the puppies can't get to it.  It look s so festive in here.  Stop in and visit!

Hey, I heard a rumor that Santa Claus may visit during Christmas...  I know I'm gonna be good, just in case.  I don't think there's any hope for Ciara and Wizard, though.

I'm going to have to end this - Mommy's putting me to work.  Until next time - stay straight!