Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Hello everyone - Sheriff Sage here.

First off, I want to wish all the Daddies out there a Happy Father's Day.  Doesn't matter if you're the Daddy of a human or canine kid, you're still special and we all appreciate you!

Mommy and me had to work today, so we got to spend the day with old and new friends. Abby and Pilgrim are here, so my Daddy came down to visit.  Here he is with Pilgrim in his lap. I can't figure out why the staff are so afraid of Pilgrim...he's a sweetie.

Ginger and Charlie Cabage are here and they are a handful!  Little poodles with more energy than you can imagine!  Ginger will stand on her hind legs and wave her front paws in a wave.  Show off.

Baylee is here because of a family emergency and we all send love and prayers to her family.

I'm also very, very sad to tell you that Mikki Lewis, Miss Marti's sweetheart doggy, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  I will miss her.  She was always so sweet to me.  I've sent Miss Marti lots of hugs and kisses today and hope she feels comforted by them.

It's kind of quiet here without my bff, Stormy, but Abby has tried to make me feel less lonely.  Sorry for the bad quality, but wanted you to see me with my other good friend, Abby.  She actually got in the pool today.  Just stood there for a while.  Then she sat down and very quickly stood back up.  Guess the water was too cold on her butt.

Oneal has been spending time with us outside today as well.  He's been here 17 days now, and I feel like he's my big, big brother.  I'm sure gonna miss him when he goes home to his family.

Well, guess I'll sign off now.  I've worked hard today and it's time to take a nap.

Stay straight, everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthdays and cleaning frenzies

Hello, Sheriff Sage here, trying to stay out of the way of Mom and Ms. Sheila.  They have gone crazy today rearranging and cleaning things out.  I decided to stay out of the way, as did most of my compadres.  Sure hope we don't get inconvenienced like this too often.  It interferes with my naps.

We celebrated a birthday today - Brinley Walker.  Although she enjoyed her treats, she sure didn't like her birthday hat.  WE had a good giggle about the humans trying to put it on.  It was Dealyn Lewis' birthday as well, but he wasn't here to celebrate with us.  Just as well.  He'd have eaten all the treats.

Ms. Kim is at someplace called the dentist.  From her face this morning, it didn't look like anyplace she wanted to go.  Hops she comes back soon - I miss her.

We had some new guests today that are old friends - Deuce and Harley.  They're a lot of fun to play with, especially Harley.  Journey stopped by as well for some playtime.

But I missed my BFF, Stormy today.  It's just not the same without sharing my princess bed for naps.  I've let Mom know all day that I'm sulking.

That's it for today.  Looks like the humans are getting ready for a busy weekend.

Stay straight, everyone!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello everyone - Sheriff Sage here.  Just wanted to send out a quick shout out to all my friends out there.

The last couple of days have been noisy.  With the very full moon, we have lots of craziness around here anyway, but this time it seems more than usual.  I'm ready for it to quieten back down.  After all, a girl has to get her beauty sleep, n'est pas?

I had to have a talk with my mom yesterday.  She keeps forgetting to shut the gate by her desk and every time I turn around there's another dog laying in my bed, drinking my water or eating my food.  I don't appreciate that.  After all, Daddy went to great trouble getting me my princess bed.

This big yellow lab kept coming up to me like he knew me and I tried ignoring him, but he wouldn't go away, Finally, he explained that he was my little Tucker, all grown up (nearly).  That boy sure has grown!  While we used to lay together, now I have to make sure he doesn't step on me!

All the staff are running around here trying to get ready for the luau next weekend.  If you haven't already made planes to come, you need to.  I saw the game list and it's gonna be fun!

Kailey is working out great.  She's smart enough to come into the office and give me cuddles and back scratches - I love her already!

Stay tuned for another great update on Sheila, our other new staff member who is also great with cuddles.  Every time I see her at the desk, she has a doggy or two or three on her lap.

By the by, there seems to be some confusion about the e-mail Mommy sent out about the new rate increase.  If you have already made a reservation before this past Monday, the new rate will not affect your reservation.

And for the lady who called yesterday afternoon, there was no need to be so rude - all you had to do was ask if you didn't know.  My staff has been trained by me to use excellent customer service skills.

Well, it's time to get ready for work.  Wednesdays are always exciting for us - it's our busiest day and I get to see my many boyfriends that only come once a week!

In the meantime, stay straight!


Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi everyone!  Sheriff Sage here.  I've taken over this blog, just like I've taken over at Dog World.  I know a little more than my mom does at what really goes on at DWR, so this is my chance to give you all the scoop.

For example, we have a new staff member Kailey, who really rocks.  Every time I see her, she has a dog in her lap that she's petting.  Now that's what I call doing the job right.  Our back scratches need to take priority around here.  Personally, I think she's gonna work out fine.

Our other new staff member, Sheila rocks as well.  She always has time for the doggies, especially the scared ones.  She mothers them and makes them feel better and less homesick.  I really like her.  I'm trying to train her into bringing me Begging Strips when she comes to work, but she hasn't caught my hints yet.  Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Speaking of scoops, next time you see Ms. Kim, ask her how her fence climbing skills are going.  And if you ask Matt which paper goes into the credit card machine, I'll bet he knows.

I've taught Stormy a new trick that will hopefully get her more treats at home.  Before her mommy comes to pick her up, she sits on the windowsill, looking all sad until she sees her mommy.  Then she gets all excited and jumps down to greet her.  I bet that's worth an extra biscuit...

Well, that's all I've got today.  I need to start giving my mommy the Look so she'll take me home for my dinner.  These basset hounds are loud!  And the full moon - well you know what they say about the full moon...

Till next time - stay straight!